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You have to a lot of things you have to spend time on and other things you want to have time for: relaxing with loved ones, hobbies, or taking a vacation. You want to get the most from your productivity tools and you want to get moving - fast. That's where eProductivity Jumpstart Coaching comes in.

Here's how a typical session will go:

Your coach will spend about 10-15 minutes interviewing you to discover how effective you already are in your personal productivity and what you would like to accomplish.

Your coach will then take a look at your systems to see how effectively they're configured to suit your needs and work style. He'll likely help you reconfigure eProductivity and/or IBM Lotus Notes to suit how you work.

From there, the focus will be on implementing the best practices to make you personally more effective, organized, and productive.

The pace and direction of the session are all tailored to meet you where you are and get you where you want to be.

Soon, you'll be flying along with eProductivity and going through your workdays focused and productive.

Cost: $225

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 Jumpstart Coaching has helped keep me honest about how I am implementing the GTD model with IBM Lotus Notes and eProductivity. As a result, I know when I am falling off the wagon and can course correct in a timely fashion.

Long Thai
Assistant Chief Financial Officer, Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group

 It's been three years since I first began working with Eric Mack, and in that time he has worked extraordinarily well with my team members and me to improve our personal workplace performance and productivity.

John Janco
Global Head of Marketing Operations, PUMA SE

 I wanted to let you know I think Eric Mack is fantastic! I am so grateful to have had this one-on-one training with him today. I am heading back to my office now to process my inbox tonight . . . Thank you for investing in me.

B.J. Hessler
Senior Financial Analyst, Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group

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