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Now Available: “Getting Things Done with Lotus Notes” Podcast
  By Ryan Heathers

Podcast icon Are you ready to get expert tips on working smart with Lotus Notes?

The first episode of the "Getting Things Done with Lotus Notes" podcast is now available! It's completely free, so don't hesitate. Listen now

In April, productivity experts David Allen and Eric Mack presented two Getting Things Done with Lotus Notes webinars. Several hundred audience questions were asked during the webinars - far too many to answer during a live broadcast!

Instead, David and Eric recorded follow-up podcasts to address the questions, and more. This series is the result of their efforts.

In the first episode, topics addressed include:
  • Is multi-tasking actually possible?
  • What's the best way to deal with an email backlog?
  • Is it productive to spend time maintaining my system rather than just “getting things done”?
  • What's the difference between projects, actions, and contexts?
  • Your psyche is not your system
More episodes - and a full recording of the "Getting Things Done with Lotus Notes" webinar - will be available shortly.

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Are You Allowed to Use Apps on Your Company Phone?
  By Eric Mack

rusty padlock I'm curious to know how many users at large companies are able to download and use a productivity application on their mobile device, and how many have IT policies that prevent them from doing so.

If you found a productivity application for your mobile device that was proven to increase your performance, would you: a) be allowed to install it? b) encounter resistance (or refusal) from IT to allow you to install it? c) make a business case to management for why this app should be allowed?

Take the poll and see the results
Tips & Tricks: How to Link Contacts to Your Projects and Actions
  By Staff

Weekly Tip preview Did you know you can link contacts to your eProductivity projects and actions? If not, this tip is for you. 

You might use this feature to keep track of which key people relate to the project you're working on. Or maybe you have an important call this afternoon and you need easy access to the relevant contact information. 

Whatever your need may be, here's how to setup and use contact linking.

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Vote: Remove Linked Emails from the Projects & Actions View?
  By Staff

eProductivity IdeaJam logo Here's an opportunity for your opinion to be heard.

The eProductivity IdeaJam gives you a place to contribute and vote on the eProductivity features you'd most like to see.

A recently posted idea asks for improvements to the Projects & Actions view to make Next Actions stand out more easily. We're considering removing Linked Emails from that view as a short-term measure to move toward that goal.

What do you think?

Comment and Vote
Guest Blog: Painless Return from Holidays with GTD
  By Jens Bruntt

This week I started working after four great weeks of holidays in Provence, France. I had a lot of open projects and email threads when I left, so coming back is always interesting. It has been truly marvelous how easy it was to get back on track, and a lot of the credit goes to eProductivity - the Getting Things Done add-on for Lotus Notes.

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In This Issue:
  • GTD & Notes Podcast
  • Apps Poll
  • How to Link Contacts
  • IdeaJam Vote
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