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The Ultimate Productivity Solution for Lotus Notes  
"Getting Things Done with Lotus Notes" - Sign up by April 28
Do you want to go home at the end of the day with an empty inbox? Would you like to tackle your week with the confidence of knowing you’re being as productive as you can possibly be? On April 28th, GTD® creator David Allen and eProductivity™ creator Eric Mack will show you how. Register Now

David's book, “Getting Things Done - The Art of Stress-Free Productivity,” and his GTD methodology have revolutionized the way millions of working men and women tackle their work. His system turns achieving control over commitments into a daily reality.

Many people don't know that for the past 17 years, David has used Lotus Notes as his personal organization system. In the past few years, Eric's eProductivity software has "GTD-enabled" Lotus Notes for thousands of people around the world.

Sign up for this special event and let David and Eric share with you the secrets of "Getting More Done with Lotus Notes". If you use Lotus Notes - with or without eProductivity - this is the event for you.

The cost is free but space is limited, so reserve your seat now. Register Now

Webinar Agenda:
  • Your Personal Productivity Equation
  • Essentials of GTD®
  • How to set up Lotus Notes with GTD
  • David's Productivity Toolkit
  • eProductivity™ for IBM Lotus Notes
  • Getting Started with GTD and Lotus Notes
  • Q&A
Have a productivity question for David and Eric? We're giving our readers a special opportunity to get an answer straight from the experts themselves. To be eligible, please send your written question to eProductivity.Service@ica.com no later than Monday, April 26th. If your question is selected, we will answer it during the live broadcast (time permitting).
Opportunities for Lotus Business Partners
Contact us to learn more about the many benefits of eProductivity and how to get started selling the only 'GTD-enabled' application for Lotus software.

For additional info, see Making Notes & Foundations Customers Happy at the Notes on Productivity blog.
GTD Resource: "Productive Living"
Excerpt from David Allen's Productive Living:
Your mind is a great place to have ideas, but a terrible place to manage them. If you're still walking around with a head full of "stuff" that you have your attention on, don't be surprised if you're not reaping the fruits of your labors with GTD.

I never said getting your head clear was easy—it requires work to keep it on your mind as well—but the rewards of having a clear head on a regular basis will pay you back many times over in ways you may never have thought possible for feeling in control and getting perspective.
Productive Living is David Allen's free, educational newsletter to keep you on track for high performance living. Whether you are new to David Allen's GTD approach, or a GTD expert, you'll get a wealth of valuable tips, tricks and strategies to help you live a productive life—personally and professionally.

Learn more and sign up for Productive Living
eProductivity Webinars are a great way to learn more
Free eProductivity webinars are available at the end of April and in May. If you're new to eProductivity, we recommend attending a Basics webinar. And if you've used eProductivity a bit, we recommend attending a Jumpstart webinar.

Learn more and register
Do you use CRM Software?
We're in the process of adding extensions for several Notes-based CRM applications so that your eProductivity mail file can seamlessly exchange information with your CRM application.

If you use Act! for Notes (Vigilus), GROUP CRM (Relavis), iEnterprises, or other another CRM application and want to connect eProductivity to it, please contact us. We'd like to talk with you.
Using eProductivity with a SaaS Lotus Notes solution
We've had many inquiries about running eProductivity with a hosted Lotus Notes solution. Recently, several of our customers have reported success with Phase2, a Lotus Notes business partner and hosting company. To learn more, you can contact Al Schmitt at 972-393-9328 or visit www.phase2.com.
Have you renewed your Maintenance and Support?
Your eProductivity maintenance and support agreement guarantees that you'll always have the latest software upgrades and technical support whenever you need it.

Don't let your maintenance and support agreement lapse - renew today!
Development Update: eProductivity 2
Lots of activity on the eProductivity 2 development front and we continue to enjoy positive feedback from our beta and preview customers. Current customers: if you can't wait to see version 2, you can email eProductivity.Service@ica.com and request a pre-release invite.

In This Issue:
  • Webinar Events
  • Lotus BP News
  • GTD Resources
  • eProductivity on SaaS
  • Version 2 Update
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