Strategic Consulting

In today's highly competitive business climate, businesses that have been willing to incorporate the latest technologies - hardware, software, applications, intranet, internet - into their businesses are the ones that have achieved the greatest levels of success.  Workflow has been accelerated, productivity has increased, and profitability has soared.  

The only catch to this seemingly utopic situation is that many companies simply do not have the budget to fund in-house projects of this nature, the internal expertise, or  the time to devote to mastering the latest piece of technological wizardry.  Despite the exponential growth of computer products and services, especially in the Internet sector, and the acceptance of information technology as the cornerstone of corporate expansion, many companies simply cannot undertake these types of projects in-house.

For the past two decades, I have been providing strategic consulting to organizations that desire to become more efficient yet do not want to spend a fortune in the process. I have designed powerful productivity solutions that enable my clients to perform with an efficiency that they never thought possible. I will work with you to manage a project through its entire life cycle, from analysis and planning to installation,  implementation and on-site training.

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