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Santa goes Lean
In March 2009, we received a call from the elf IT Director at the North Pole. Apparently the global economic downturn was being felt even in Santa's neck of the woods. He wanted to go lean.

Santa was examining how to metaphorically tighten the belts of the whole operation. His Klondike bar obsession? Off-limit. (What, you thought Santa was getting his weight in order? He called us, not Jenny Craig.) But Santa was eyeballing the 10 million elf-hours it took to arrange the Naughty and Nice list. Improvements could definitely be made there.

Goal in place, Santa set his techies to work on finding a solution that could save a lot of elf-hours. Being progressive, Santa runs a Lotus Notes shop...and uses a netbook for his personal computer. Whatever solution his elves found needed to support both those platforms.
Blackbelt Santa knows how to GTD
Naturally, the search led to eProductivity, and that's where our little story comes full circle.

After our call with his IT Director, Santa decided on a top-secret pilot test of eProductivity. He was pretty sure he'd found his time-saving solution.

Now, we found out that only Mr. Grinch charges Santa full-price. So in exchange for cutting him a great deal, we got a picture of the real Santa to use in our marketing, not to mention screenshots from Santa's eProductivity software. And supposedly we get better gifts than last year's Vista licenses. Hey, sounds great!

See Santa's eProductivity screenshots and exclusive photo