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Weekly Tip: Improving Your Checklists, and Reference Subcategories

This week we're sharing a couple of quick eProductivity Reference tips, including a follow-up to last week's tip on Checklists. Then after a break next week for the Christmas holidays, we'll be jumping back into Tips on the Quick Capture and Quick Paste features.

Let's take a look at this week's tip.

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Improving Your Checklists
After last week's tip on Checklists, a reader suggested that we mention how to create actual checkboxes inside your Checklists. This way, when you print out one of your lists, you can easily check off items as you complete them. Now you could always cross items off the list, with or without the checkboxes present, but there is something viscerally nice to checking them off.

Adding checkboxes is easy. Just create a new Reference entry...

Blank checklist example

Then, with your cursor inside the body field, go to the Text menu and select List > Checkmark.

Checklist list item option

Checkboxes will then appear inside your list, and are added to each line as you type.

Checklist example with checkboxes

When you print off your list, you'll then be able to check off your items as you complete them.

Note that you can also check off these items on your computer screen, if you wish to use your list that way. Click on the desired checkbox to mark it off.
Creating Subcategories
This is a quick tip you can use for any Reference entries, Checklists or otherwise.

If you want to add more hierarchy to your eProductivity Reference, you can do so with subcategories. To create subcategories, simply create a new Reference entry. For the Category field of the new entry, use a Main Category\Category format as shown below.

Creating a new subcategory entry

After saving the entry, go out to your main Reference list and you'll see the new category hierarchy.

Subcategory structure on main Reference list

From here on out, new entries using this identical Main Category\Subcategory format will be grouped with it.
Until Next Week...
We've seen a couple of quick tips on getting more from your eProductivity Reference. Coming up in two weeks, we'll have tips on Quick Capture/Quick Capture. Until then, have a happy holiday season!

If you have a tip to share or a topic you'd like to see covered, please let us know. We'd love to hear from you!