eProductivity Weekly Tip: February 5, 2010   

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Weekly Tip: Making the most of your Screen Real Estate

If you have a smaller computer screen or if you're using a laptop, there are preference options inside of eProductivity that can make your life easier. This tip will show you what options are available.

Preference Options that can save Screen Real Estate
Note: To get to the eProductivity Preferences, click the big "eProductivity" button inside the software and select "Preferences..."

In Preferences > General > E-Mail, you will find 4 options for small screen support. Three of them control showing/hiding buttons on the top action bar. For the other option, if you unselect "Expand Right frame in in-box view", this means the Right frame with your email folders is still accessible, but it can now be manually collapsed when you're not using it. This can be handy.

Small screen options
Next, under Preferences > General > Calendar, you can select where and how frequently your Calendar buttons appear. This can save space on the top action bar.

Show or hide calendar buttons
Finally, under Preferences > Navigation > Advanced there is an option to shorten the titles of the buttons on the action bar. This option can save considerable screen space while still allowing you to have lots of buttons on the action bar.

Shorten button titles
Remember to hit Save & Close to save your new settings! You may also need to exit and re-open your mail file for the new changes to take effect.

That's the customization tip for this week. More coming your way next week...