eProductivity Mail 1.84

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Product release date: February 20, 2010

New Features:
  • Actions may now be marked 'complete' using the right-click menu from 'Today' view and sidebar views
  • Trash' folder  may now be displayed on Navigator by user preference setting
  • eMail folders may now be displayed on left navigator, right sidebar, or both (via user preference)
  • Weekly Review Coach now supports Preview
  • 'Waiting For' actions added to the 'Tickler Calendar'
  • Trash can icon now available when new mail arrives in an empty in-box
  • 'Uncategorized items may now be marked complete
  • Items may now be deleted within the Weekly Review Coach
  • Items may now be deleted from any eProductivity sidebar views
  • Items may now be marked complete from the 'Uncategorized' view
  • 'Import from GyroQ' now supports priority code for captured items
  • 'Import from GyroQ' button now available in the 'Uncategorized' view
  • Calendar may now be opened as a basic Calendar in a frame or as a JAVA calendar (on Notes 8.5x) in separate window
  • eProductivity will now check for and notify users of expiring/expired services on the splash and Welcome screens

Image:eProductivity Mail 1.84
Note: This means that if your maintenance has expired or is about to expire, you will now be informed about it and given the option to visit the eProductivity web site for more information. We are in the process of setting up the maintenance renewal system. Meanwhile, until the system is live, everyone's maintenance will be considered current regardless of actual expiration date.

Cosmetic changes:
  • Cosmetic and wording changes made to user feedback form
  • Cosmetic changes made to 'Today' views (including sidebar) to improve readability
  • Changed wording on 'Actions & Contexts'
  • Cosmetic change to user 'Preferences' to simplify sorting of projects & actions
  • 'Due date' on 'Tickler' items actions now renamed to 'Reminder Date'
  • Changed "Projects" form display name "Project" for consistency
  • Width of vertical scroll bar increased in the project form
  • 'Link to Existing Projects' view now defaults to expanded instead of collapsed
  • New captions added to shared actions to make then easier to identify when hovering
  • Disclaimers added to Preferences\Integration pages for external applications (ActiveWords, Act! for Notes, and GyroQ)
  • Added explanatory text to 'disable eProductivity prompts' in preferences screen
  • Renamed "Group To Do Item" to "Delegated Action"
  • Renamed the right side drop-down option from to "Workflow Diagram"
  • Renamed text prompts for Tickler items from "Due Date" to "Reminder Date"
  • Renamed "Large Screen" to "Wide Screen" in preferences and profiles

Design Changes & Improvements
  • The 'Today' view has been moved to first entry in the left hand navigation
  • Numerous changes made to 'Today' views (including sidebar) to improve performance and usability. (Note: as a result, red and white flags are no longer displayed for upcoming or past due items.)
  • Changes made to the default categorization view when called from eProductivity MindSweep
  • Items imported from GyroQ are now stamped with the current owner fields to prevent  them from appearing as private entries.
  • User's start-up view preference now recorded in system snapshot to simplify start-up troubleshooting
  • Event type is now displayed when using the "After creating this action, create..." function
  • Relevant Action buttons added to the "Contacts" view for easier use
  • Project and Action forms modified to display five columns of types/contexts instead of four
  • Added a manual close option to the eProductivity opening splash screen
  • Renamed hover text on GTD Action button say "GTD Resources"
  • Items captured in GyroQ now open in Edit Mode by default
  • Modified embedded outlines to improve stability and prevent crashes workspace/view refresh on select versions of Lotus Notes
  • Trash can action item now hidden on action bar unless appropriate for the user's context and focus; however, Trash icon in $Inbox folder is now always visible
  • Added user preference setting to allow Trash icon to be displayed on LHS Navigator
  • When no mail file owner specified, we now display a warning in upper LHS
  • Cosmetic changes to splash screen and welcome screen re: version and expiry dates
  • Warning displayed if 'Mail File Owner' missing
  • Removed "Copy into new..." from Extended JAVA Calendar as it has no relevance in this context
  • To prevent potential duplicate records when a user's mail file is accessed by more than one person concurrently, the AutoParser routines have been modified to only run with mail file owner matches current user.
  • All AutoParser Agents are now disabled by default

Known Issues
  • The drag/drop to the 'Follow Up' functionality is not available in eProductivity 1.8x versions which are based on an older mail template.  (This functionality is available in eProductivity version 2.x and above.)

Bug Fixes
  • Changing DueDate of an item automatically displayed on the 'Today' view now properly removes it from the view
  • When linking to existing actions the view is now expanded so that categorized documents may be seen
  • Linking email to existing project (which has an existing next action defined) no longer loses the next action flag causing the grey face to appear
  • Added error trap for rare situation in which user may attempt to flag an item in the 'Today' view that does not already have a 'Today' flag. Previously, this could result in a 'Remove from Today view?' dialog.

Changes to the BlackBerry AutoParser
(Note: These features may or may not be included in future versions)
  • AutoParser now supports Due Dates on 'Tickler' and 'Waiting For'
  • AutoParser now prefixes Due Date folders with "0" on 'Tickler' and 'Waiting For'
  • AutoParser verbose mode now shows # items being processed along with their status

Updated: 02/20/2010

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