eProductivity Mail 1.81

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Product release date: October 21, 2009

New Features:
  • Notes 8 Sidebar support for "Today" and "All by Context" views
  • eProductivity AutoParser added to allow parsing of scanned documents into Projects & Actions
  • Integration support for Cobra Image Router and HP Digital Sender
  • eProductivity 1.81 is now shipped with an unhidden design
  • Added "Remove From Folder" to all E-mail Disposition dialogs
  • User can now choose to hide "Completed" view from navigator via user preference
  • Added all actions to linked actions and memo forms
  • Tasks can now be deleted from the Tickler Calendar View
  • Added ability to link an existing Project or Action to a new email; not just an email in the in-box
  • Added 'Link to New E-mail' option to "All by Context" View
  • eProductivity and GTD actions added to views under 'Email' In navigator
  • Added Option to remove an email from folder when creating a next action
  • Added ability to mark an action complete from the calendar view without the need to open the action first
  • All Documents View now opens with search toolbar visible and have sortable subject column
  • Added "Create new calendar entry" to list of options when sending an email (with prompt to include body of email in calendar entry)
  • 'Link to' actions are now available for actions that have been imported from GyroQ
  • 'GTD' Resources button added to all action bars
  • 'Subscribe to weekly tips' added to startup and eProductivity menu
  • Splash Screen at startup now displays registered user, version and license levels
Cosmetic Changes:
  • eProductivity menu added to 'Contacts' view
  • Documents in "Sent" and "All Documents" views are now sorted
  • Renamed "Power User" option narrative under advanced settings in preferences
  • Additional narrative and quick launch button added to Archiving instructions
  • License Type & Feature Level now reported in About, License Accept, and License Info Screens
  • Linked items are now indented for readability in the three Projects & Actions views
  • Renamed "After creating this item, create ...." menu items to be consistent with "Link to" items
  • Fix Inbox column error where some instances of CC and BCC do not appear correctly
  • Some view names renamed to ensure consistency and readability
  • Modified the Contacts view to improve sorting and categorized columns for improved readability
  • Modified the prompt dialog for uncategorized actions to provide additional explanation
  • TM symbol now displays on eProductivity Splash Screen on Windows Vista
  • Updated 'GTD Enabled' logo and text
  • Cosmetic changes made to Welcome Dialog Screen
  • Updated questions on Evaluation Feedback form
  • Cosmetic fixes to tables in preferences form for improved readability
  • Changes made to copyright pages to add logo and improve readability

Design Changes:
  • 'Advanced' and 'Categorized' Today views now have the same 'link to' options as normal Today view
  • Modified code to allow user to revert to the Notes folder code via the administration tools... menu.
  • User is now warned when attempting to open a Template (.NTF)
  • Lotus Notes Application Errors are now reported to the user with a help dialog
  • Modified license check with respect to personal users
  • Modified text of the Search caption in preferences and eProductivity menu
  • Added eProductivity and GTD icons to all views under "EMail" in the Navigator
  • Up/Down arrows and Mark Complete/Incomplete buttons now hidden when a calendar entry selected
  • Mark completion code modified so that the focus is now kept in the embedded view. User can now mark an action complete in a project's linked actions view.
  • Made consistent icon assignment for actions (e.g. At Office v @Office)
  • Numerous design changes to facilitate migration to Notes 8.5x mail template
  • Check for uncategorized items now occurs on first open even when Today, Calendar or Basic To-do set are selected as the default view
  • Reply/Reply with History 'Send' button now use shared actions for improves performance
  • Changed sequence of spell check when filing a memo; Spell check now comes after message has been filed
  • Self destruct warning message now only appears for unlicensed users
  • "Set all to 'xxx' now sets the 'All by Context' view in user preferences
  • Status column now only visible in views when enabled in preferences
  • Feedback for now defaults to evaluation feedback when called from evaluation database
  • 'On Event' functions Implemented in selected forms to improve performance
  • Cancel in the File Dialog of "Send & File" now properly terminates the process
  • On-line Resources page modified so that all links prompt before launching URL
  • Routines modified so that DueDateTime field is properly blanked when no due date specified
  • Added 'Paste license key' button to the license key dialog box to make it easier to apply keys
  • "Administration Tools cleanup agent" will now identify and fix any actions that 'think' they are repeating.
  • Redefined Feedback levels on feedback form

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed issue when user ESCapes from Welcome Dialog launching URL
  • Fixed Shadow email dialog: status bar now reports number of shadow emails found
  • Fixed Object variable not set: projectDeletion line 52
  • Fixed Error #91 ('Object variable not set') in SUB EMAILLINKTOTASK (Line #4)
  • Fixed Error #91 ('Object variable not set') in SUB PROCESSDELETIONS (Line #18)
  • Fixed Error #91 ('Object variable not set') in SUB PROCESSDELETIONS (Line #31)
  • Fixed Error #91 ('Object variable not set') in SUB COMPLETEANDDELETE (Line #35)
  • Fixed Error #4207 ('Function requires a valid ADT argument') in SUB PROCESSDELETIONS (Line #65)
  • Fixed issue where user could not select when to have eProductivity tips appear
  • Fixed error- Missing DueDate on items captured by GyroQ
  • Fixed issue when other users attempt to access eProductivity user Mail File
  • Fixed "Link to ... existing project" does not deselect actions in "all by context" view
  • Fixed Still getting "Note item not found" error
  • Fixed 'Object variable not set' when moving actions up the list in Preferences
  • Fixed issue when selecting "Delete all replication conflict documents" does not delete anything
  • Fixed issue with disappearing trash can icon

Known Issues:
  • None

Updated: 10/21/2009

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