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In addition to providing eProductivity software for all employees, MAPMG has arranged for special webinars and personalized services in 2017. Various eProductivity topics will be presented for all levels, from beginner to advanced.

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Training will be presented by Eric Mack, creator and founder of eProductivity:

"I'm being totally honest when I say that eProductivity is the most effective organizational tool I have ever used. I'm able to keep track of all the small tasks that come my way . . . and seeing them all in one place allows me to effectively manage my time."

—Ahmed Gahelrasoul, Technology Integration Specialist, MAPMG

Time (EST) Session Registration
Tuesday, January 24, 2017
10:00 - 11:00 Introduction to eProductivity: What it can do for you and how to get started Register
11:00 - 12:00 Advanced eProductivity Tips & Tricks Register
Additional eProductivity Services: Installation, Checkup, Orientation, and Individual Coaching
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Duration Service (learn more) Request
15 minutes eProductivity Post-Install Checkup Request a Post-Install Checkup
15 minutes eProductivity Orientation Request an Orientation
50 minutes eProductivity JumpStart Coaching Session Request a JumpStart

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“As the responsibilities of my role are increasing and we are churning out more, better, and actionable information for NOVA, I plan to make the most of eProductivity to help me manage so much—without brain meltdown. Thank you for investing in me.”

—B.J. Hessler, Senior Financial Analyst, NOVA

Detailed webinar descriptions

Recurring Webinars

Introduction to eProductivity
Audience: People new to eProductivity who do not have it installed.
This session is for those who are not yet using eProductivity but would like to see how it can benefit them. We will cover:

  • The basics of getting more done with less stress
  • Quickly dealing with email
  • How to get things off your mind and into your system
  • Managing projects and actions so nothing slips through the cracks

You'll see how eProductivity would help you do all of these things with less time, stress, and energy than with Lotus Notes alone.

Getting Things Done with eProductivity: Sharpen your accomplishment ability.
Audience: People who have eProductivity and want to learn more.
Whether you've been using it for 10 minutes and 10 months, this workshop will provide you with a deeper understanding of eProductivity and the principles behind it. You'll learn how to start working with Lotus Notes instead of around it.

Topics will include:

  • Your tools for dealing with email
  • Creating projects and actions, including Waiting For and Agendas
  • How to organize information in Lotus Notes and eProductivity
  • How to find what you've organized
  • And more...
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  • Special Webinars

    eProductivity Reference: Find what you need, when you need it
    What do you do with all the information you store? Hopefully, the answer isn't "Save it in a document and hope I can find it later."

    This workshop will show you how to use the eProductivity Reference Database to make sure you can find the right info at the right time.

    Working with Mobile, Notes, and eProductivity: Getting Things Done on the Go
    This session will cover:

    • Using IBM Traveler to manage your tasks
    • Using eProductivity's Mobile Integration features to easily process email from mobile

    Working with Archives and eProductivity: Find your email when you need it
    You'll learn to understand Notes archiving, how it works, and how eProductivity makes it easier. Your archive is a powerful tool for keeping your Mail file lean and fast, and you'll learn how to use it that way.

    You’ll also learn how to use the eProductivity Global Search feature to quickly find emails in your archive.

    Advanced eProductivity Tips & Tricks
    Audience: eProductivity users who want to learn its advanced features.
    This seminar is for eProductivity users who are ready to move beyond the intermediate.

    Topics are yet to be determined, but may include:

    • eProductivity's mobile integration features
    • The Mindsweep Coach and Weekly Review Coach
    • Linking your Mail file to external Mail files and Reference Databases
    • Quick-Capture/Quick-Paste
    • eProductivity's "What Can I Do Now?" features
    • And more...

    Smartphone Tasks: Working with IBM Traveler
    Audience: those who are using eProductivity and/or the mobile Traveler To Do app.

    This session will cover using IBM Traveler with Lotus Notes to manage your tasks.

GTD Horizons of Focus: Get clarity and perspective for the long term

In "Getting Things Done," the Horizons of Focus help you define your purpose, principles, mission, goals, and objectives: the ultimate things you're moving toward.

This session will teach you how to define and realize your Horizons of Focus in eProductivity.

Wrapping up the Year and Preparing for the Next

You'll learn to use eProductivity to review your goals, objectives, and projects from the past year and prepare for the next.

1:1 eProductivity Services

eProductivity Post-Install Checkup (15 minutes)
An eProductivity expert will validate your installation, optimize your setup, set up your personal Reference Database integrated with eProductivity, and help you configure eProductivity's preferences to match yours.

Prerequisite: eProductivity should be fully operational. Any support issues should be resolved beforehand.

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eProductivity Orientation (15 minutes)

This session will show you five key features of eProductivity to help you get things done.

Prerequisite: eProductivity should be fully operational. Any support issues should be resolved beforehand.

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eProductivity JumpStart Coaching (50 minutes)
Eric Mack, the creator of eProductivity and the presenter for the MAPMG on-site training, will work with you one-on-one to determine and address your most pressing productivity needs.

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Past webinars

Here are the special sessions you've missed:
eProductivity Reference: Find what you need when you need it
Working with Mobile, Notes, and eProductivity: Getting things done on the go
Working with Archives and eProductivity: Find your email when you need it

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