Maintenance And Support FAQs

How do I know when my maintenance and support will expire?

You can see this information inside your eProductivity license details.

I have a subscription. Do I need to renew my maintenance and support agreement?

No. Maintenance and support are included in your subscription so there is nothing to renew.

Q. What if my maintenance and support has already expired?

Use the provided renewal options to renew your maintenance and support.

Do I have to renew maintenance and support?

You may choose to extend your subscription for another year, but it is up to you. When you renew, you'll get access to free software upgrades, technical assistance when you need it, and other customer benefits.

What if I decide not to renew? Can I still use eProductivity?

Yes, but you'll be ineligible to receive free software upgrades and access to our support services. If you decide to renew your maintenance and support subscription after it has lapsed, a reinstatement fee will apply.

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