Take the Getting Things Done with Lotus Notes Challenge


Are you ready to get "in" to empty, stay on top of your game, and get more done with Lotus Notes?

Many of our customers tell us that they are getting more done and creating greater value for their organizations with less stress, They're going home with an empty inbox and they are moving up in their organizations. Many of these same people tell us that routinely save up to an hour a day over the way they used to work. These folks have taken their productivity to the next level. (Link: testimonials).

Hi, I'm Eric Mack. I'm the creator of eProductivity and I want to challenge you to take your productivity to the next level. Over the next two weeks, I'll show you how to get more done with IBM Lotus Notes, and I'll show you how to do it with less stress.

In a series of complementary events to the GTD 14-day Challenge offered by the David Allen Company, I will share with you how David Allen and I use GTD®, Lotus Notes and eProductivity to get more done.

If are not already an eProductivity user, don't worry. I'll send you a download link for the free eProductivity "Essentials" edition that's yours to keep. If you already have a license for any version eProductivity, you already have all you will need.

We'll begin with a series of webinars. I'll begin with a one-hour session and a series of four shorter follow-up "How to" webinars. The eProductivity forums will also be open for all challenge participants to use ask questions and share their experiences with others before, during, and after the events.

Sign up today and we will send you the details. I know that people will want to watch these events again, so we will send replay links to everyone that signs up for the challenge.

Would you help me tell others about this challenge?

I plan to select several names from those that helped share this event and offer them either a free software license or a jumpstart coaching session. Thanks for your help!

I look forward to having you join me!

Eric Mack

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Webinar #1: GTD, Lotus Notes, and eProductivity

The goal for this initial webinar (the one-hour webinar) is to equip people new to GTD, Lotus Notes, or eProductivity with the concepts and tools to participate in the challenge. Those of you with more experience are welcome to join me for this session or skip to the "how-to" events below. The agenda is to:

  • Summarize the GTD value proposition and introduce you to my "Equation for Personal Effectiveness"
  • Review the 14-Day GTD Challenge and how what you learn there can be applied to Lotus Notes
  • Provide an overview of eProductivity and how to get started using it
  • Give you a personal productivity reference database

How-to Webinar #1

In the first how-to session, I will demonstrate that it is possible, and actually not all that hard to empty your in-boxes (and keep them that way), using the GTD best practices built-in to eProductivity for Lotus Notes.

How-to Webinar #2

Once you've collected and processed everything into Lotus Notes. I'll show you how eProductivity makes it much easier to make optimal choices about the things you decide to do (or not do).

How-to Webinar #3

In the third how-to session, I plan to share a few simple tips that you can follow to maximize their personal return for what you've done so far. Primarily, I'll focus on the importance of getting into the habit of doing a weekly review and I'll show you how the Weekly Review Coach makes that easy. I will also show you how the eProductivity reference database can be used to organize your nonactionable support and reference materials. I'll also cover a few popular eProductivity power user tips and take your questions.

How-to Webinar #4

In the fourth and final webinar, I'll show you how you can use eProductivity software and your mobile device (or a printed report) to get to the point where your GTD "trusted system" is never farther away than your pocket or purse. I will also review the highlights and key questions from the challenge and end with a list of recommended resources you can use.

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