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Getting Things Done with Lotus Notes - The Podcast

"Getting Things Done with Lotus Notes - The Podcast" is your ticket to expert tips and tricks on improving how you use Lotus Notes and eProductivity. Hosted by Eric Mack with special guest David Allen.

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Resources from the David Allen Company

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The David Allen Company, led by David Allen, is the force behind the GTD® methodology that drives eProductivity.

GTD Mastering Workflow Interactive gives learners a hands-on experience with the best practices of GTD in a new online format. Learn More


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ActiveWords for eProductivity enables instant access to your Lotus Notes information from any context at any time.

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GyroQ for eProductivity instantly captures your ideas, actions, interruptions and more - even when Notes isn't running!

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Printable GTD Workflow Diagram

See the GTD workflow process in step-by-step PDF format. Great for printing out and hanging near your desk for reference! Courtesy of The David Allen Company. Learn More

GTD Workflow Diagram

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