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Product release date:
February 19, 2016


After 10 years of development, eProductivity has proven to be a stable product; however, there's always room for improvement and the occasional fixes. :-)
This major release of eProductivity includes many new features to facilitate working with archives as well as various new productivity features and fixes.

Who can use eProductivity 4?

You must have a current activation key to use eProductivity version 4. eProductivity version 4 will not work with an expired activation key.
  • Subscription license users: If you are a current subscriber, your activation key has already been upgraded and you are ready to enjoy the benefits of version 4.
  • Perpetual License Users:
    • If you are currently subscribed to maintenance and support, you can download and install version 4.
    • If your maintenance and support subscription has lapsed, version 4 will not work for you without a new activation key. Your current software will continue to work. To upgrade to version 4, renew your maintenance and support subscription here.

Productivity Features Added
  • When dragging email to 'Agendas' or 'People' view, the name is now automatically populated in the subject line
  • To speed up filing emails, the 'Send & File' and 'Move to Folder' menus now display the last three folders you filed into (even if they are in another mail file or archive). Click here for more information.
  • To make it easier to clear the due date for an item, we've added a new "Clear Due Date" button next to due date Calendar button on the Project/Action Form.
  • eProductivity "Send Later" feature expanded to include support for CC and BCC addresses
  • New Actions created by "Mark Complete" button when the "Repeat when complete" box is enabled, now inherit the "Repeat when complete" flag as well

Archiving Features Added

Several new features were added to customize how eProductivity information is handled during archiving. No action required on the part of users; however, depending on your needs, some of these new features may be helpful:
  • All incomplete eProductivity information (Projects, Actions and anything linked to these) will be automatically flagged to prevent them from being archived or purged. (This is a new default setting, which can be changed in preferences). Click here for more information.
  • Updated eProductivity Archiving view to make it even easier for users to see and archive completed items while protecting incomplete items.
  • Added Admin tool to prevent archiving for all incomplete Projects, Actions, and anything linked to them. See here for more.
  • Added new advanced Admin tool 'Reset Custom Expiration Preferences' which can be used to reset expiration dates (use only as directed by support)
  • You can now increase the period of time that eProductivity Projects and Actions are protected from archiving and purging. See the new preference setting in the Preferences General\Archiving tab: 'Retain completed eProductivity Documents for XX months after completion'.
  • Added new Action button to folders: Move Folder to/from Archive (Also available under Support Tools\Admin Tools). These will allow you to:
    • MOVE the current folder (including subfolders, if any) to an archive. (Also works with external mail files).
    • RESTORE a folder (including subfolders, if any) from an archive back to the user's Mail file. (Also works with external mail files).
  • Added new setting to the Preferences\Archiving tab to allow user to select folder location when moving folders between mail and archives. This is useful to graft the current folder on to an existing folder.
  • Added new preferences setting that will protect messages in folders from archiving and purging. (Does not apply to messages in inbox).

Maintenance/Support Features Added
  • New Admin Tool added:  "Remove Group Status From Selected Project(s) / Action(s)". This can be used to repair Project or Actions that Notes erroneously flags as group actions.
  • Added support for "Projects" and "Actions sub type to the eProductivity Diagnostics view
  • Added two new columns to the eProductivity Diagnostics view to show status of the 'Protect from Archive' and 'Do Not Purge' fields (used by support).

Cosmetic Changes
  • "Weekly tips" renamed to "eProductivity tips" within product
  • Deleted the word "Then" from status bar when using "Save & Close" from eProductivity Preferences
  • Renamed "Stationary" to "Stationery" on the Navigator LHS (Reported by IBM QA)
  • Fixed Typo reported by 'What Can I do Now Wizard" to status bar. Change "ny" to "any"
  • SPR-A76PVP - Changed explanatory text that appears when Marking a Project complete with linked Calendar entries (yet NO linked Actions) to warn user that may be calendar entries Actions

Design Changes & Improvements
  • SPR-A5CTA9 Resolved issue that caused Today View to truncate prefix up to the "-" when subject contained a "-" and Preferences set to display in "Advanced" and "Categorized" mode
  • SPR-A5KKT3 - 'Admin Tools\Mark Selected Documents Updated" now deselects all documents when finished
  • SPR-9UWNXA - Changed the Enable/Disable mai rules actions buttons in the "Mail Rules" view so that they no longer close the view
  • "Follow-up" button in Project/Action Form now sends to ALL original addresses (TO, CC, BCC) if they exist in selected email
  • SPR-A5KR6U - Changed name of 'append email disclaimer' functions to prevent duplicate name conflicts when eProductivity is customized for enterprise use

Known Issues:
  • No new known issues documented in this release

Bug Fixes
  • SPR-9PBRMJ - Resolved issue that prevented "Trash" button from working  properly on 'Agendas and Waiting For' view
  • SPR-A2UV6H Resolved issue with 'Web' button that would convert URL to lower case and break's YouTube playback
  • SPR-A76SME - Resolved Error: "The specified agents does not exist" when attempting to "Delete selected Items in view" or "Delete All items in view"
  • SPR-9RVQYM - Resolved issue that prevented 'Linked Items' button and embedded view from appearing on a newly created Action when linking either a new email or to a new/existing calendar
  • SPR-A5KRU8 - Resolved issue when creating a document in the reference DB (using either drag and drop or 'Copy Into' button) that caused the date to be set to the current date, rather than the date of the email. Fixed.
  • SPR-A5KKVX - Resolved bug that caused the most recent list of items marked complete to be included (again) when selecting multiple items and clicking MARK COMPLETE,
  • SPR-A5KLTV - Resolved issue when completing an action linked to a project that caused eProductivity to prompts user to choose/create a Next Action even when a Next Action was already defined

Updated: 02/19/2016

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