eProductivity Mail 3.5.5

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Product release date:
June 16, 2014


This release adds the frequently requested "What can I do now?" wizard as well as some new archive related functionality.

Please review the release notes for previous releases of eProductivity for additional feature announcements you may have missed.

As a reminder, beginning with eProductivity version 2.5 forward, there will be one version # of eProductivity to indicate the version level followed by a test designator to indicate which versions of Lotus Notes it will work with. Thus, we now have the following versions of eProductivity

"eProductivity 3.x for Lotus Notes" -
Works with Lotus Notes 6, 7, 8, and IBM Notes 8.5x and above.

"eProductivity 3.x for Notes 8.5x" -
Works with IBM Notes 8.5x  and IBM Notes 9.x
Note: While not officially supported by IBM, most of our Notes 8.x users choose this version to get access to the enhanced features of Notes 8.5x in eProductivity. There is no harm in doing this.

The changes below apply only to "eProductivity 3.5.5 for Notes 8.5x" and above

New Features
  • SPR-9J7PWR - Add  preference option to remember last email filing destination and display it on the list of 'Send & File" destinations
  • SPR-9K6Q8K - 'Completed' actions are now excluded from the 'What Can I Do Now?' Wizard
  • SPR-9K6SEH - New click to sort on 'Folder' column and icon to show sent/received added to $ALL', 'Diagnostics', and 'Sent' views

Cosmetic Changes
  • SPR-9J9QRF - Changed wording of Mobile Folder Processing Notification in Preferences\Integration\Mobile to add clarity
  • SPR-9GN2Y8 - Cosmetic changes to terms on the preferences form for greater consistency and clarity
  • SPR-9GNVD5 - Cosmetic changes to terms on the About Page for greater consistency and clarity
  • SPR-9KRW2C - Revised embedded instructions for setup and display of Reference Databases on eProductivity navigator

Design Changes & Improvements
  • SPR-9GN2YB- Change default Prefs to ENABLE "Prepend email user name in front of subject line on 'Waiting for'"
  • SPR-9J9RH7 - The "Clear All" button is now persistent in the Mobile Review view

Known Issues
  • None

Bug Fixes
  • SPR-9J9RH7 - The "Delete" button in the Mobile Review view no properly deletes items

Updated: 06/16/2014

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