eProductivity Mail 3.0

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Product release date:
March 24, 2013


This release adds continued functionality in support of the eProductivity Mobile features that will soon be announced. A few small design and cosmetic improvements are included as well.

Please review the release notes for previous releases of eProductivity for additional feature announcements you may have missed.

As a reminder, beginning with eProductivity version 2.5 forward, there will be one version # of eProductivity to indicate the version level followed by a test designator to indicate which versions of Lotus Notes it will work with. Thus, we now have the following versions of eProductivity

"eProductivity 3.x for Lotus Notes" -
Works with Lotus Notes 6, 7, 8, and IBM Notes 8.5x and above.

"eProductivity 3.x for Notes 8.5x" -
Works with IBM Notes 8.5x  and IBM Notes 9.x
Note: While not officially supported by IBM, most of our Notes 8.x users choose this version to get access to the enhanced features of Notes 8.5x in eProductivity. There is no harm in doing this.

The changes below apply only to "eProductivity 3.0 for Notes 8.5x" and above

New Features
  • SPR-95URX6 - Implement Global Search Feature
  • SPR-927EPW - Added "Duplicate Project| Action" subroutine to be used for repeating Projects and actions
  • SPR-92CP7X - Added "Duplicate Project|Action" to Action Menu (and Right-Click when a Project or Action is selected).
  • SPR-92CP84 - Added "Repeat when complete" flag to the Project/Action (Task) form
  • SPR-93TEPC - Allow view customization for non-embedded eProductivity views
  • SPR-92CP7U - Added "View 'Repeat when Complete' items" to eProductivity\Support Tools menu
  • SPR-92XPUL - Prepend "[WF] " in subject line when user creates memo AND selects "Waiting For" checkbox AND has enabled "Prepend "[WF] " to subject when 'Waiting For' is selected." in user preferences
  • SPR-94D8CV - Enhance the 3 "Waiting For" views (and also make them use their own templates separate from Tickler)
  • SPR-94VQCE - Add Web Button and replace text for URLS shown in Embedded view of project form

Cosmetic Changes
  • SPR-956TTW - Fixed Square button and wrapping in Integration\Preferences\Mobile
  • SPR-92CNNM - MAIL (85) - Display subject and Increase width of Mark Complete Dialogs
  • SPR-95YLVB - Enhance the 3 "Tickler" views (and also make them use their own templates separate from Waiting For views)
  • SPR-95U28X - Add view column icon for body text and attachments to ALL 3 'Completed' views

Design Changes & Improvements
  • SPR-92CP88 - Modify the MarkComplete code to call the "Duplicate Project|Action" Subroutine when the RepeatWhenComplete flag is enabled
  • SPR-9527UP - Added "Reminder" as an option in the "New Calendar" pull down action button
  • SPR-95P3RZ - Design change to force use of browser from preferences when launching links from email preview on right (To resolve JavaScript errors on links)
  • SPR-95R2XB - Added code to prevent Notes throwing error when refreshing frames: E.g. Error #4426 ('Target frame is ancestor of script object') in SUB COPYINTOLINKEDACTION (Line #3) : 9
  • SPR-96F643 - Design Change to modify eProdPostSend so that the database is reset as current database and not as gDb. (To prevent parent/response db errors)
  • SPR-96F63R - Inserted conditional error trap to code to prevent gDb database variable getting confused which causes errors for user
  • SPR-8YBNB8 - Evaluation of startup code that affects how eProductivity processes incoming Tasks (E.g. Mobile. GyroQ, etc.)
  • SPR-95Q87N - Add "Reset Stamped Key" utility tool (Used for support and testing purposes)

Known Issues
  • None

Bug Fixes
  • SPR-9645DK - Resolved error: Cannot locate Form: JournalEntry (Exposed by Global Search)

Updated: 03/24/2013

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