eProductivity Reference 3.8

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Product release date:
October 13, 2010


This release of eProductivity Reference implemented numerous changes and feature enhancements to support current and upcoming releases of eProductivity Reference, Discussion and Document Libraries..

New Features
  • SPR-886ABU Action buttons to enable quick creation of MEMO, PROJECT, ACTION, CALENDAR (Visible when eProductivity Mail Installed)
  • SPR-873BBJ "Search Online Help" added to eProductivity Menu
  • SPR-89ASAU Context-Sensitive Help now available on on all Forms & Views
  • SPR-89BSBP New "GTD" & "Upgrade" buttons added to action bar
  • SPR-87NBML "Forward as Bookmark" now available as an option under "Forward" Action button
  • SPR-87D8Q6 Added suport for nested Category Sorting in the Category List Box
  • SPR-88DA4N Allow selection of subcategories when creating a new entries
  • SPR-89JC3H AutoParser: Added support for European date format  (DDMMYY)
  • SPR-88Z4MN AutoParser: We now set the Destination FORM, based upon the DB Type (for advanced features)

Cosmetic Changes
  • SPR-89E3KM Cosmetic Changes to feedback form to ease of use
  • SPR-89H987 Renamed internal text from "Evaluation" to "Trial Period" to bring consistent with new naming
  • SPR-89A8W6 New URL links added; Also two broken links fixed
  • SPR-89JVTT Cosmetic improvements to User Preferences form
  • SPR-88Z32T Display "Licensed "To on About Page when a license activation has been applied
  • SPR-89C7T6 Display "Trial End Date" on "About" and "System Info" pages for improved identification
  • SPR-89GNP4 AutoParser: Cosmetic change to AutoParser Help Text in Preferences
  • SPR-89K43E AutoParser: Unused default values removed from field and "Set Defaults" button

Design Changes & Improvements
  • SPR-89CCBJ New confirmation message box displayed after user sends "System Information"
  • SPR-88WSJK Clicking "Close" will now prompt user to save document if changes have been made
  • SPR-89M4ZX AutoParser: Changed default value of test record
  • SPR-89M624 AutoParser: Changed "Reset AutoParser Preferences to Default Values" to prompt user before overwriting category lookups
  • SPR-88DC8G Check for Updates: change 'unsuccessful' interval to same as 'successful'
  • SPR-89A76Q Check for Updates: After end of 'Trial Period' the "check for updates" flag is re-enabled
  • SPR-89JBZ5 Check for Updates: Check for Updates or Keys will not be attempted when if user has no connectivity

Known Issues:
  • Selecting a document and hovering over trash can icon in the action bar reveals text "epDelete" This is a cosmetic issue only and will resolved in a future release

Bug Fixes
  • SPR-87D8NT Resolved regression bug introduced in version 37 that prevented user from selecting an "Impact" on the feedback form
  • SPR-87PAYX Resolved Lotus Notes Error "Target frame is ancestor of script object"
  • SPR-87PAZQ Closing "Tip of week" no longer closes reference database completely

Updated: 10/13/2010

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