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Product release date: October 13, 2010


Version is a recommended update as it includes many requested features, some key design changes, and important bug fixes.

New Features
  • SPR-87CFTY Added two new action buttons (expand all and collapse all) to all sidebar views
  • SPR-89WCHY Added "Import Email" tool to facilitate evaluation and use for Stand-alone users
  • SPR-89JC3H AutoParser: Added support for European date format  (DDMMYY)
  • SPR-89M624 "Reset AutoParser Preferences to Default Values" button will now prompt user before overwriting category lookups.
  • SPR-89SRXJ Projects & Actions Views now default to collapsed when called from "Link to Existing..."
  • SPR-89S87G "Mail File Owner" now automatically populated for all new databases created from templates
  • SPR-873BBJ Added "Search Online Help" to eProductivity Menu
  • SPR-89JBZ5 Prevent checking for Updates or Keys if user has no connectivity.  (e.g. "No connection" location)
  • SPR-88WJTC Added green "Today" flag to the Today Sidebar view
  • SPR-88ZT4G The 'Open Web  Site" button will now appear if a valid web address exists in the subcategory position of the subject
  • SPR-88HAWS IF DB type = Archive, the database will open to standard Mail outline (eProductivity still available via pull-down)
  • SPR-87XLS5 Project column now visible in "completed" views (subject to user preferences)
  • SPR-87C956 Allow 'Completed' views can now be customized as  Basic/Categorized/Advanced
  • SPR-87LJLB Modify preferences so that user does no longer has to re-sort after modifying contexts
  • SPR-88HAZQ The "Projects & Actions" views now show only Projects and Linked Actions (& Linked Calendar Entries)
  • SPR-88QNKV Any existing reminders are now disabled when a Task (Project or Action) is marked complete
  • SPR-89RVK7 New dialog box with click-to-sort on project column to make 'Link to Existing Action" easier to use when many projects present
  • SPR-87KKDG Added support for ACT! for Notes Integration
  • SPR-887KDH Added "Message" Recall" Button to "Sent" view for 2.x
Cosmetic Changes
  •  SPR-89H987 Renamed "Evaluation" to "Trial" throughout messages and preferences
  • SPR-89BSBP New "GTD" & "Upgrade" Buttons added to Action Bar
  • SPR-89YBKG Modify License Dialog box text when Trial or Key Expiring/Expired
  • SPR-89MER4 Cosmetic change to BlackBerry Agent Preferences
  • SPR-89Q925 Renamed "Purchased" to Perpetual" on all License Dialogs
  • SPR-89RFMH We now show when database is running Stand-alone (and why) in Title of all dialog screens
  • SPR-89Y926 Maintenance Reminder Messages hidden from essentials mode users
  • SPR-8999GV Cosmetic changes to BlackBerry preferences tab
  • SPR-89AT9E New URL for "Subscribe to Weekly Tips" under eProductivity Menu
  • SPR-89RB62 Added a line to the LICENSE Dialogs that will show us if a user is forced Stand-Alone and why
  • SPR-8982LZ Capitalized "Edition" on Splash and Welcome screens
  • SPR-89K53R We now display the "Group" field from License Key on various Message Screens
  • SPR-8759JZ Cleaned up dialogs used for Horizons of Focus
  • SPR-88NU2E Show Template version on License Dialogs
  • SPR-88M48T Improved visibility of Priority icons in views
  • SPR-87B8M8 Small change in type on mind sweep trigger list
  • SPR-88K6BF # Items added to all Categorized & Advanced Views
  • SPR-89XD56 Display Stand-Alone Warning Message to user at DBOpen (Enforce Stand-Alone Mode)
  • SPR-894ACU Added explanatory text to Database Search Preferences (only available in inbox and folders)
  • SPR-88EAJK Added Windows 7 & 64 Bit Disclaimer to Gyronix Page in Preferences
  • SPR-88A932 When Trial DB flag is set, we change welcome screen that first appears to make evaluation more friendly.
  • SPR-87XAES 'Waiting For' views (and other categorized/advanced views) now count categories/items
  • SPR-86N9P5 Tickler Calendar preferences now mirror main calendar preferences
  • SPR-88MPEA Changes made to the way the 'Tickler' items appear on the Today View for international date format compatibility
  • SPR-89E3KM Cosmetic changes to Customer Feedback form
  • SPR-87F8WN Increased width of the gutter on the right-hand pane when locked open
  • SPR-88QB6K Added current date to expiration dialog box
  • SPR-89WAXJ Some preferences modified to disable infrequently used Action Bar buttons to save space and reduce clutter
  • SPR-897QSB Removed leading "eProductivity" on all License Dialogs to make room for future messages

Design Changes & Improvements
  • SPR-895CWJ Maintenance expiry date is now visible only to perpetual users
  • SPR-89CCBJ Display confirmation message box after user sends "System Information"
  • SPR-89M4ZX AutoParser:  Changed default value of AutoParser test record
  • SPR-89K437 AutoParser: deleted unused values from field and "Set Defaults" button
  • SPR-89V5BF Added new routine to validate installation
  • SPR-89Y9R5 "Check for Update" confirmation sent when customer in essentials mode
  • SPR-88MAPP Improvements made to Lotus Notes 'Discover Folders' features.
  • SPR-88DC8G Auto updates change 'unsuccessful' interval to same as 'successful'
  • SPR-89XD56 Display Stand-Alone Warning Message to user at DBOpen (Enforce Stand-Alone Mode)
  • SPR-88HAKV IF DB=Archive, Disable Check for Updates & Check for Keys
  • SPR-87R95F Removed the "apply key" button from email - was problematic and now no longer needed due to auto key retrieval.
  • SPR-86Y9SM Removed the Send and 'Send and File' buttons to prevent error message "Cannot Locate Form: eProductivityShadowEmail
  • SPR-87S8HL Changed logic to improve Quick Paste performance and trap "Source document has no contents" error
  • SPR-88JB9E Modified code to prevent prompting user for next action on a completed project
  • SPR-87VBMK Modified the Preferences form so that we hide the 'remove from folder' option from the user if they disable prompts.
  • SPR-89M24H Added function to return which Edition in use and, if user is using Essentials, why
  • SPR-89APJ6 Text disclaimer added to body of all support & system information messages that include XML
  • SPR-89WELR At end of trial period we now display dialog box to inform user of his options and send email confirmation
  • SPR-8945WF Modified Action bar buttons to achieve significant performance improvement on Memo Open (Primarily for users of Notes 8.5x and Symantec Antivirus with Notes Mail Scanning Enabled)
  • SPR-87UFKF New (AllMemos) view added to support Act! for Notes Integration
Known Issues
  • SPR-875CPC - Horizons of Focus documents must reside in databases within Notes\Data directory to work properly

Bug Fixes
  • SPR-866CU3 Error handling added to trap: Error #4188 ('Parent and Response Documents must be in the same database') in SUB CREATESHADOWEMAIL (Line #4) : 0
  • SPR-88PHHF Error handling added to trap: Error #4412 ('Notes Error Someone else modified this document at the same time') in SUB TASKSAVEANDCLOSE (Line #4) : 0
  • SPR-87D8NT "Impact" category now editable on Feedback form
  • SPR-883L7U Resolved issue that prevented user from setting Today Flag from within an action
  • SPR-87YK8Y Error handling added to trap: Error #4412 ('User-defined error') in SUB COPYINTONEWACTION (Line #4) : 9
  • SPR-88TAJJ Error handling added to trap: Error #91 ('Object variable not set') in SUB LAUNCHWEEKLYREVIEWJOURNAL (Line #3) : 0
  • SPR-88WD8U Error handling added to trap and warn user when they have a corrupt folder to prevent Error #4005 ('Notes error: A folder or view with this name already exists. (10 Archive)') in SUB EMAILSENDANDFILE (Line #4) : 10
  • SPR-88WKMV Error handling added to trap: Error #4412 ('User-defined error') in SUB COPYINTOJOURNAL (Line #3) : 0
  • SPR-8999FK Error handling added to trap: Error #4427 ('Document is from a different database') in SUB UNLINKACTION (Line #19) : 2
  • SPR-87ADNW Trap error when user attempts to unlink multiple actions: Error #4409 ('Command is not available.') in SUB UNLINKACTION (Line #4) : 7

Limited Support for iPhone and Android with ITANA
  • Added beta views to support iPhone and Android compatibility with ITANA. (Note: this is experimental only at this time and may or may not be included in future releases.)

Changes to the BlackBerry AutoParser
(Note: These features may or may not be included in future versions)
  • None

Updated: 10/13/2010

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